Itemization Date

Federal Statute requires all collection agencies to report the itemization date and any financial activity on the account since this date. The itemization date is one of the following dates as provided by you:

The Last Statement Date:

If your office sends billing statements, this would be the date of your last statement. For most clients, this would be the easiest date to reconcile.

The Charge-Off Date:

If your office charges off past due account balances, this will be the date your office charged off the account balance.

The Transaction or Service Date:

If you performed a service or transaction, the most recent date of service or transaction would be this date.

The Judgement Date:

If you obtained a judgment against a debtor, the judgment date can also be considered as the itemization date.

If your office added fees, interest, or other charges after the “Itemization Date” selected above, you will need to report that information to our office. Likewise, if you received a payment or issued a credit against the balance, you will need to report that information as well.

If you are unable to provide the information above, we can send a final statement on your behalf. This statement will satisfy the Federal Requirement and allow us to process your debtor accounts for collections.