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“It’s a Shame We Have to Practice Parenting On Our Children”

On Getting Better at Stuff


We expect, perhaps even assume, that when we do something for a very long time we get good at it.  I’m not sure it’s true though.  In fact, I think that unless we set out to be good at it and stay focused on getting better, we don’t. 

It’s easy to think we know what it takes to be good parents, but do we really? We do it and be it, all day every day for years and years but do we become better parents along the way? 

If we want to continuously improve our parenting skills, we need to reach outside of ourselves and learn more.  The challenges of parenting change constantly, by the time you’ve figured out how to deal with your 2 year old he’s 3, new behavior, new challenges.  The 5 year old who wouldn’t stop talking? Now 15 and hasn’t spoken to you in a year. 

I have been a parent for over 40 years.  Sometimes pretty good and other times not so much.  Here are a couple of things I think I know. 

  • While each year has its own challenges it also has its own, never to be repeated, joys. 
  • Engage, you’ll be sorry if you don’t. 
  • Those aren’t Terrible 2’s they are Terrific 2’s. 
  • Let that 5 year old yammer away and try to listen, they actually, occasionally have something to say. 
  • Your 13 year old has to be snippy, it’s their job,  demand respect but don’t make a federal case of it. 
  • Some things are non-negotiable but NOT everything.  You’re a parent not a monarch. 
  • You may as well remove that 18 year old’s curfew, but let them know you need to know they’re safe. 
  • Let go of your need to control, it’s futile.

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