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On Time vs No Time

On Time vs No Time  I was checking out some competitive websites this weekend and noticed the headline “No Time to Call Past Due Customers?”  Naturally we are always looking for companies that have no time to call past due customers so I stopped to read it.  Nothing new there, essentially the same pitch we give, if you don’t have time we do,  but it actually got me thinking about having No Time and being On Time.

Have you ever noticed that people and companies are either on time all the time or they are late all the time?    They don’t tend to change it up.  In fact that’s what keeps me in business.  The companies that are late are always late and people who are late are always late, with everything.  What is it they say? ‘the way you do anything is the way you do everything’.

No time is usually the excuse I use for not being on time.  When I’m supposed to be preparing for or leaving to do something I choose to do something I believe I had no time for when I was supposed to be doing that something.  Ok, that was a little convoluted but you get my drift.

I’m thinking about this a lot because I’m trying to introduce a culture in my company (and my life) of “On time Every Time.”  After all that’s what we’re asking for when we make a collection call, so you would think we could and should be on time.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work that way.  I have some people who show up on time every day and some who don’t, some who get everything done on time and some who don’t.

It’s a work in progress, but I’m determined to make it happen:)  How about you? Are you late or are you on time?

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