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Sales Prevention and Daily Email

I know, I’m supposed to be writing about Collection Prevention, that’s what we do here, but there are so many wonderful examples of Sales Prevention! 

My Story

Allow me to share – I’ve been purchasing from a particular vendor for over 20 years.  I only purchase once, maybe twice a year – but like everyone else, when it’s time, I buy.  It’s a particular schedule book that I use (I’m a bit on the neurotic side with this sort of thing).  In any case I don’t need more than one of these every year. 

Last year I received both in the mail and in my email several offers for free shipping – I missed the deadline and went ahead and made my purchase online anyway – the next day I received another offer for free shipping.  I called and asked if they could honor that offer – nope – they’d already shipped and “we just can’t give you a credit for that”.  Mind you it was another 2 days before I received actual notice that they had shipped and even if it had already shipped I don’t know what difference it would make.  But here’s the kicker and then the point of this email – since I made that call I’ve received at least an email a day sometimes more from this vendor offering me free shipping – seriously? 

Like I said I’m pretty neurotic about this schedule book – it’s a 2 page per day book and I keep it right next to me and use it all day every day – I put everything in there – nevertheless the chances of my ever buying from this vendor again are slim to none and I’m actively searching for a new product – lucky me I’ve got another 6 months to find a replacement – I purchase these in April not December. 

My Point

The point – I want to be certain I’m not engaging in any stupid sales prevention behaviors.  Which brings me to the offer I made to my print newsletter readers with a deadline that likely passed before they received the newsletter.  If you received that offer “Old Price New Deal” for new Enhanced Gold Letter Packages – and the deadline had passed please feel free to call – we’ll honor that offer until August 31st – but you’ll have to call or email me – the page with the old prices is gone

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