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Small Balances – Why bother?

Small Balances

There are several good reasons… the first that comes to mind, small balances add up. One customer of ours was racking up close to $30,000 a month in unpaid small balances when we came on board. Your situation may not be that bad, but whatever the amount, if the number of unpaid small balances is significant, not collecting them will affect your bottom line.

If the small balances are owed by customers who generate larger balances as well, you don’t want to set up unhealthy (for your bottom line) expectations. Let your customer know you’re on top of your game and you know and care when they owe you money.

You may feel it just isn’t worth it given everything else you have to do, and you do need to consider carefully how and where you spend your time – but putting a simple system in place for collecting your small balances will reap the rewards without draining you of time and energy.