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Hello, My Name is Vienna and …

Hello, My Name is Vienna and …

If you read my 1st article on this subject you might remember I expressed some skepticism about the title given to me and accepted, I admit with some sense of satisfaction, by my family a number of years ago.   But really can a person who is on level 2629 of Candy Crush actually call themselves a workaholic?  I think not, obsessive compulsive might be a more accurate assessment.  If I’m working, I want to keep working, if I’m playing Candy Crush, I want to keep playing Candy Crush, if I’m gardening, I want to keep gardening … you get the idea. 

The Struggle

Thus, I continue to struggle, with myself and all of the concepts discussed in the articles I shared with you today.  If you’re reading this on my blog the articles are in my e-newsletter which you can sign up for it here.  I no longer attempt to multi-task, in fact I have to continuously remind myself to stick to the task at hand.  My problem isn’t focus, my problem is choosing.  Because whatever it is, I’ve chosen to do, that’s what I’m doing and I can’t see or hear anything else.  So, if I’ve chosen poorly and of course I have, many times, I have a problem.  I struggle with unproductive busyness and other people’s priorities.  And I struggle with bad habits, lots of them.

And yet ..

…I remain hopeful.  I’ve continued to observe Shabbat though I have not expanded on it as originally intended.  I wouldn’t, couldn’t give it up now.  It provides a weekly deadline for getting things done and a respite from thinking about work that I can no longer live without.  And I took a vacation last summer, the first I’ve ever taken that wasn’t combined with a family event.  You know that kind of vacation, we’ll go to the wedding/bar mitzvah/funeral/graduation and then… it was wonderful.  The primary destination was the Dahlia Festival in Canby, Oregon.  They have it every summer and I’d wanted to go for years, you can check out the pictures here.

The Point is…

… if you’re on a path of self-improvement and you struggle with setting priorities, a lack of productivity and/or bad habits, as I do, these authors are worth reading.  Especially James Clear and Darius Foroux.  James Clear wrote a book about habits that I found extremely valuable.  It’s called Atomic Habits, his story is compelling and his methodology for breaking bad habits and creating new ones is effective and well written.  Darius Fox writes about habits as well but from a completely different perspective.  You can check out his blog here. 

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