Bad Debt Prevention and Recovery

Accounts Receivable Collections

No time to call slow pay and no pay customers?

  • Save Time
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Reduce Management Burdens
  • Reduce Bad Debt Losses

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Pre Collections

Flat Fee Collection Letters

  • Report to Credit Bureau
  • No Contingency Fees
  • Lost Debtor Locator
  • Volume Discounts

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Post Judgement Collections

  • No Upfront Fees
  • No Collection No Fee
  • Hidden Asset Locator
  • Competitive Rates

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Free Resources

  • Final Demand Letter
  • Small Claims Big Mistakes
  • Top Ten Tips, Tricks and Techniques for getting paid faster without losing customers

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Revolutionary Accounts Receivable Management System

How many times have delayed payments driven you crazy? Hundreds? Or thousands? Meeting the due date is not only about fairness and decency. It seems that slow payers do not realize that these resources are indispensable when running the business. Development, expansion, and growth are impossible without significant investments. Moreover, you have to pay your own bills as well. On the other hand, financial losses from your customers’ bankruptcy or so-called insolvency may upset the apple cart. Therefore, Cash in USA company is here to ensure speedy bad debt prevention and recovery.

Why It Is Better to Entrust Professionals

Even if you assessed customers’ creditworthiness accurately and set adequate credit limits, there would always be a risk of default. But spending a good deal of time on pursuing the late payments does not sound like getting your priorities straight. At the same time, letting things slide or ignoring the past due is not a way out. Anyway, there is a solution. Rely on the experts and make use of dedicated bad debt prevention services to get:

  • Personal approach and collection letters of various types (from courtesy to aggressive).
  • Dozens of methods to collect accounts receivable from a customer.
  • Special strategy allowing business owners to focus on more critical tasks. We make more collections for you whereas you cut down expenses and save time.
  • Permanent readiness. You can hire us whenever you need it.
  • Drastic measures. If a customer doesn’t feel like paying your money back even after delivering the corresponding judgment, we will take drastic measures including bank levy and wage garnishment.

Qualified recovery of bad debt by Cash in USA will boost your cash flow while reducing negative income. Our competent specialists know every trick in the book to deal with on-time payment avoiders as professionally as possible.

To get further instructions and details, please call us 818-368-3100.