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Accounts Receivable Collections- Bad Debt Prevention and Recovery for Small Business –

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Accounts Receivable


Reduce Past Due Accounts Receivables

Lower DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)

Avoid Bad Debt Losses

Improve Cash Flow

Save time and Increase Productivity

Late payments hurt cash flow and your ability to do business. The older your invoices become, the faster they deteriorate from “past due” to “bad debt”.  Our mission is “Collection Prevention” because we know you can’t afford late payments, and you certainly can’t afford bad debt.  Ben Franklin said it best “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”


  • Improve Cash Flow and Reduce Bad Debt Losses –  With effective and on time contact with past due customers.  We contact the customer you collect the money.
  • Save Time and Improve Productivity – Free yourself, and your employees to do your most productive work and take care of your business, while we bring your CA$H IN.  We do the grunt work you reap the benefits.
  • Keep Customers Happy – Eliminate conflicts and ill will caused by the use of inexperienced or overly aggressive employees as collectors. CA$H IN account managers are professional, experienced and courteous.
  • Reduce Management Burdens – Eliminate training loads. Our accounts receivable collections managers are experienced and effective. Our ongoing internal training and review programs moves the training and management burden from your office to ours.

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Get paid faster, reduce bad debt losses and save time without making collection calls all day. It’s work to get paid on time – work that many small business owners just don’t have the time, resources or the patience for.  We’re here to help.  Services  include but are not limited to first party call campaigns, on time invoicing, dispute resolution and more.

For 23 In-House Collection Letter Templates that you can use to improve internal collections click here.

Serving Small Business Since 1990

Since 1990 we’ve been helping small business owners and busy professionals get paid faster WITHOUT the headaches.  Working with dozens of small business owners in over 40 different industries for the last 30 years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work in accounts receivable collections for small business.

Whether you need temporary seasonal assistance, part time help or a complete accounts receivable outsourcing solution our unique and proprietary accounts receivable collections system will work for you. It’s been tested and proven in the field for close to 30 years, AND it can be customized to meet your special needs. Our accounts receivable collections solutions are simple and cost effective, but most importantly they work!  There are no long term contracts; you use us when you need us.

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Let’s get your money back into your pocket where it belongs!

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