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7 Ways to Guarantee Collections FAILURE!

Most small business owners know they have to do something to collect receivables in a timely manner. Even if you don’t know the statistics, personal experience has surely taught you that not everyone pays on time, and those late payments cost you money. Does this scenario sound familiar? Business has been pretty good. It’s Friday […]

How to Collect Small Balances

I wrote an article last year about collecting small balances and in it I suggested that “putting a simple system in place for collecting your small balances will reap the rewards without draining you of time and energy” but I didn’t give you the system.  Don’t know what I was thinking.  So here it is, […]

Accounts Receivable Management for Small Business

While most small business owners and managers get the “Cash is King” maxim and understand the need to collect accounts receivable quickly and without aggravating their customers, collections work tends to resemble the neglected step child of the back office environment and is frequently neglected in favor of more urgent or more agreeable tasks.   […]