Flat Fee Collections for Small Business

Efficient Flat Fee Collection Agency Solutions

Flat Fee – No Percentage or Commission – You Keep 100%

Who? What? Why? And How?

What is Flat-Fee Debt Collection?

Flat-fee debt collections means one predictable up-front fee with no percentage or contingency fee when your debt is collected.

Your debtor, be they customer, patient, tenant or even friend or family member sends all payments directly to you, and you keep 100% of the money collected. So you don’t have to wait, yet again for your money.

You maintain complete control of your accounts, and you can cancel service on any account at any time. Unlike traditional contingency collections, you can speak to or negotiate with your debtor or not. It’s all up to you.

Cash In’s flat fee program includes all the debt collection strategies necessary to ensure successful collections, including calls, demand letters, texts, emails, and credit reporting to the major credit bureaus, without the high contingency rate traditional agencies charge.

Reach out to our small business debt collection agency to learn more about our flat-fee collection services across the USA. 800-201-CA$H (2274)

Why Flat-Fee?

Flat-fee debt collection gives you all the benefits of a traditional collection agency without the high cost and loss of control. In the past turning an account over to a collection agency meant:

  • High Contingency Rate; Typically from 25% to as high as 50% of the amount collected. With Flat-Fee Collections your commission is 0%.
  • Loss of control; You’ll be warned by the debt collector or agency not to speak to or accept money from your customer. You’re in control with Flat-Fee Collections, all payments come directly to you. We would never tell you not to accept payment.
  • More waiting; Often another month after the money is collected. With Flat Fee Debt Collection all payments are sent directly to you and you keep 100% of the money collected.
  • Lost Customers; You may not want to work again with a customer you’ve had to turn over for collections, but the choice should be yours to make. You won’t lose customers working with our flat fee debt collectors. Our collectors aren’t dependent on commissions so they don’t abuse your customers in their effort to collect your money. They just get the job done.

How Flat-Fee Works

Our entire process takes between 120 to 150 days. Our program includes calls, and demand letters as well as texts and emails and consumer credit reporting – in a nutshell;

  • We send the collection letters
  • We make the collection calls
  • You open the mail
  • You take the money to the bank

Type of Debt

You can submit any legitimate consumer or business debt. Results will vary and are dependent on several factors, the most significant of which are the age of the debt and your debtor’s ability to pay. On average we collect 46% of accounts that are submitted within 18 months of the due date. You can read more about results and recovery rates in my blog post titled The Truth About Collections.

Collection packages are prepaid and include calls, letters, and consumer credit reporting. There is no minimum purchase required, however, we offer discounts for multiple package purchases. Prepaid packages never expire. Click here for Plans and Pricing.

We accept small debts as well as large. Consumer debt as well as commercial debt.

What Happens When It Doesn’t Work?

Our average recovery rate is 46% of viable accounts placed within 18 months. But that means we don’t collect 54% on average. When that happens you’ll have the option of moving your debt to phase two – contingency collections. In Phase 2 – we’ll continue to aggressively work your account until it is out of statute. If we collect you get 1/2 and we keep 1/2. Yes, it’s high. But most of our customers believe, as we do, that 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Who is Flat-Fee Collections For?

At Cash In we’ve worked with somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 different industries as well as with professional service providers like attorneys, dentists and architects. Free lancers, property managers, individual property owners, dentists, sub-contractors, distributors, truckers, moving companies, cleaning services, lawn care, landscape services, pool cleaners… You get the idea.

If you have a legitimate commercial or consumer debt, we want to help. We don’t accept fraud or international debt. For International Debt Collection you might want to visit our friends over at The Kaplan Group.

Flat-Fee Costs

Transparent Pricing

Our collection fees range from $75 to $220 for a single package. We offer significant discounts for multiple package purchases. Pre-paid packages never expire.

A package is a series of letters, phone calls and other collection services for a single debt. You can view our plans and pricing here.