Flat Fee Debt Collection

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Flat Fee Debt Collection

What? Why? And How?

Flat fee debt collection gives you all the benefits of a traditional collection agency without the high cost and loss of control. Traditionally turning an account over to a collection agency meant:

  • High commissions, typically from 25% to as high as 50% of the amount collected
  • Loss of control, you’ll be warned not to speak to or accept money from your customer
  • Waiting to be paid by the agency, often another 2 to 3 weeks after the money is collected, sometimes more.
  • Never knowing what’s happening with your account. Once you’ve submitted your accounts it’s unlikely you’ll ever speak to the person actually working your account.
  • Loss of the customer, you may not care to do business again with a customer you’ve had to turn over for collection but you want the choice to be yours to make, traditional collection agencies often speak to your customer in a way that will cause them to never want to do business with you again!

With flat fee debt collection you pay 1 low rate up-front, all the money collected goes directly to you. You keep 100% of the money collected, 0% commission.

You maintain control of the account, cancel or restart service when you want. Speak to or negotiate with your debtor or not, it’s all up to you.

We answer live all day. If you want to know what’s happening, send us an email or give us a call, we’ll tell you exactly what’s going on.

You won’t lose customers working with our flat fee debt collectors – our collectors aren’t dependent on commissions so they don’t get emotional and abuse your customers in their attempts to collect your money. They just get the job done.

How it Works

You can purchase 1st party or 3rd party collection calls, 3rd party collection letters, credit reporting or debtor locate services. We’ve listed the options for you at the bottom of this page but here are some explanations.

1st party collections means we make the calls as a representative of your company, it’s essentially like hiring another person except you don’t have to train us, we already know what to do, and you don’t have to fire us when you don’t need us anymore. You can purchase a block of calls to be used over 30 days, 60 days or as needed, as always the choice is yours. The basic purchase options are listed in the chart below under Collection Calls – or click here for prices.

3rd party collections means the calls and letters come from a collection agency. Your purchase options include collections letters with calls, credit reporting and debtor locate services. That’s what we call our complete package – the basic options are listed under Collection letters.

Once your initial demands have mailed you can purchase additional 3rd party calls, these options are listed under collection calls or click here for prices (you may need to scroll down once you’ve clicked)

You can also purchase collection letters without calls or credit reporting. This is a lower priced option and is a good choice if your debt is over 18 to 24 months old. We call this our Progressive Letter Series and the basic options are listed below under Collection Letters or click here for prices.

Finally, we have a collection of In-House collection letters that you can use to help you avoid debt collection altogether, click here for more information.


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