Contingency Collections

Contingency Collections

No Collection – No Fee

Contingency collections means, we get paid based solely on our performance. If we don’t collect anything, we don’t get paid anything. You can be assured we’re not interested in working for nothing!

Competitive Rates

Because the rate of commission you pay is an important consideration in selecting your agency, you may be tempted to choose the lowest rate quoted, but you should consider two important factors before you do First, what will the agency do for the rate they are quoting? Many large and small agencies offering lower than average commission rates do limited work. Typically, they’ll mail a series of letters and do nothing more. At Cash In we call personally and electronically, list the account on the consumer’s credit file, place on credit watch with the credit bureau, skip trace quarterly, send letters and use other proprietary methods to assure you of the best result possible. You can rest easy, knowing that your accounts will be worked until all possibilities have been exhausted.

The second and most important way to determine the true value of a collection agency is to calculate your rate of return. Your rate of return is calculated by dividing the dollars recovered by the dollars assigned. While some agencies will suggest complicated calculations and comparisons and virtually every agency will claim higher than average returns – the fact is the only number that matters is your rate of return. An agency collecting 100% of the assigned dollars for customer A and 0 dollars for customer B has an average 50% recovery rate – that’s great, unless you’re customer B! Recovery rates are dependent on a variety of factors not all within the agency’s control. Average recovery rates are meaningless – will the agency you’ve chosen do the work? That’s the question you need to ask and answer before you make a final decision.

Small Balances Accepted

Small balance collections present a unique challenge for many organizations. How do you collect your money without spending more than the balance due is worth? Most commercial collection agencies charge 50% of the amount collected on balances under $750. Our experience has convinced us there is a better, less expensive way! We’ve found that many debtors will pay once they realize you’re serious about collecting your money. Sending a firm collection letter from a Commercial Debt Collection Agency is often enough to convince your debtor that you mean business. Check out our pre-paid collection letter packages and start saving now!

Assigned Account Rep

The industry wide practice of moving accounts from desk to desk is disruptive and upsetting to the collector, the customer and the debtor. We allow and in fact insist that our collectors get to know you and your customers, providing you with the information and results you want, your way.

Online, Faxed or Emailed Reports

We know everyone isn’t a computer guru. You’ll receive your reports the way you want them, online, faxed, emailed, we’ll even send them snail mail if you prefer, and if you want to talk we’re available every Wednesday from 11am to 3pm to discuss your accounts. Of course you can call anytime with a quick question or an update.

No Set Up Fees, or Minimums

No set up fees or minimums. Place one account or one hundred accounts, large or small your accounts will have your representatives full attention.

We Return Calls, Guaranteed!

It’s a sorry state of affairs when returning a phone call can be touted as a benefit, but there it is – in this voice mail dominated industry/world – we answer the phone, all day. And when you get transferred we’ll send you to a person not a voice mail. If we do have to return your call, you’ll hear from us no later than the next business day.