Collection Tips, Tricks & Techniques To Get Paid Fast

Vienna’s Top Ten Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Collecting Your Accounts Receivable

Collection tips to help you get paid faster. Whether you’re new to accounts receivable collections or a seasoned professional, you’ll find something in my Top Ten Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to help you get paid faster without losing customers or driving yourself crazy. 

In this simple and entertaining (if I do say so myself) two-page document, I’ve included Ten Owners Tips, Ten Killer Techniques, and Five Tricks, that I’ve used for the last 30 years to collect accounts receivable for my clients, and now you can use them too.

Gleaned from literally thousands of collection calls, these tips, tricks, and techniques will save you time, reduce your stress, and make your job easier and more enjoyable. Okay, enjoyable might be a stretch, but you do get some satisfaction from seeing those checks come in, don’t you?

Updated and revised for 2020

You’ll discover:

  • My Top Tip for contacting elusive customers. Is your customer always in a meeting, out to lunch, or gone for the day? Try this, and suddenly your customer will want to talk NOW. (it’s not what you think, and it works every time, almost) – see Trick # 5; it’s my favorite.
  • The two most common reasons customers pay late (it’s not lack of funds or cash flow issues) – see Technique #7
  • How to reduce the need for owner intervention – see Technique # 9 and Owner Tip # 10
  • One important thing that everyone does that WILL NOT work! See Owner Tip # 7

Don’t allow chronic late payers to destroy your cash flow – download my Top Tips now or better yet, give me a call, and I’ll do all this collection work for you. You can schedule a brief discussion here or call me at 800-201-2274 my extension is 110.


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